JADE Molds

JADE Molds is a global company, focused on innovation. Jade combines the advantages and convenience of US engineering, production standards and communications with the cost competitiveness, skilled labor supply, and high production capacity of off-shore operations.

At Jade, we see the bigger picture − how the injection molds we build for you relate to materials, process, and your bottom line. That’s why we’re focused on innovation: new ideas and new concepts that help you improve your operations, speed your product development, win more business, and improve profitability. We want to be your partner − not your competitor.

It might surprise you that most of our efforts are focused on re-shoring business to North America − that’s our mission. We believe in the 90/10 rule: The overall spend for most plastics programs should have 90% on-shore and only 10% spent off-shore.

Offshore molds offer lower cost and therefore the ability for our clients to bring more new products to market within the same budget. Producing more new products equates to a greater chance of success for our clients.

Jade Group International
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