You May Be Breaking the Law

You May Be Breaking the Law When Importing Molds from China

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Are you planning to buy an injection mold from China — or maybe you’re already having one built there?

Has your supplier suggested a way to reduce the new 28.1% tariff impact?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to keep reading.

Your job has just become more challenging with the new tariffs. You must somehow make the numbers work — maintain your profit and keep your customers satisfied. That’s no small task.

If you’re passing the increases along to customers, then you’re having some painful discussions and may lose business. If you’re not passing the increases through, then your bottom line is getting hammered. Neither option has a good result.

The natural reaction is to find a way to reduce the tariff — this is now on everyone’s mind and you’ll see many creative solutions from Chinese suppliers. Everyone is looking for solutions and many companies will offer solutions.

You need to know what savvy US manufacturers are doing to for their solution.

First, here is what they are not doing:

  • They aren’t splitting invoices to reduce the mold value, because that’s illegal. US Customs requires that you declare the full value of the mold. You cannot separate “engineering” or other aspects of the mold from the mold itself in an attempt to reduce the value. This is also true for separating the mold into components.
  • They aren’t reclassifying the HTS code for the mold to something with a lower tariff. Using the wrong HTS code is illegal.
  • They aren’t shipping the mold through a second country, such as Canada or Mexico, and then to the USA in order to avoid the 28.1% tariff. Doing this to reduce the tariff rate is illegal.

Unfortunately, these solutions may sound good to someone who’s uninformed — and is desperate to reduce their tariff cost.

You need to know the hazards of choosing the wrong solution

If you are the importer of record, and you split the mold into separate invoices for engineering costs, etc., use the wrong HTS code, or ship through a third country, what you are doing is illegal. This is considered tax evasion and these are criminal actions. Besides the obvious criminal implications, Customs & Border Protection will audit all your previous shipments and the IRS may perform a complete tax audit of your business.

It sounds serious, and it is, but here’s something that adds insult to injury. If the Chinese company is the shipper, and you are the importer of record, you bear all the negative consequences. Nothing is going to happen to the Chinese company. They just walk away and find another customer.

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Patrick Smith, CEO
JADE Molds

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