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We understand that it may not be practical for our customers to have all the details at preliminary stages of procurement, so we try our best to provide quotes that encompass greater cost scenarios. If you need our help, we will work closely with you to better define your needs and to provide you a custom mold solution that suits your objectives.

Lead Times
Your Jade Confirmed Sales Order will specify the agreed specifications and timing to build and deliver your custom mold. Our standard lead time to build a custom mold is 7 weeks from the time that our customers give final approval to cut steel. This mold build time can be expedited to 4 weeks.

Production and Delivery Procedures
Jade’s experience in designing and building high quality custom molds is world class. Each new mold design is based on part geometry and molding materials approved by the customer. We design molds that will mold the parts our customers need - to their specifications. Jade utilizes class-leading Autodesk Mold Flow Analysis Technology as part of its Design For Manufacturing process. Our American tooling engineers will review the mold designs with our customers, and they will discuss and recommend the best ways to mold the parts including gate sizes, types and locations. This is all done through leading screen-sharing software, so that our engineers and our customers can communicate all the details quickly and easily. We also store all of our files and notes on secure online collaboration folders, so that our customers always have real time access to communications and progress on their projects.

Completed molds are always tested with First Full Shots, and any necessary adjustments are communicated and made. First Articles are final molded parts taken from a 2-hour mold run, ensuring that your mold is working as it should. Jade does a full QC report, and provides part dimensional information, as well as mold process settings and capability studies. Quoted Lead Times are to First Shots, and this additional process of adjusting the mold can vary in complexity and time depending on the custom nature of each mold. Sample parts will be sent by courier for final approval before molds are shipped.

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