• Jade Group Expands Operations in China
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    Jade Group Expands Operations in China
    in Response to Strong Global Demand

    Company Moves Tooling Business to New Location in Guangdong Province

    WEST BEND, Wis., January 31, 2017 – Jade Group International, a leading global provider of high-quality tooling and manufacturer of plastic parts and components, has announced an expansion of its China operations in response to growing demand for its products in North America, Canada, and Europe. In December, the company moved its tooling operation into a new 1600-sq-meter leased location in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province.

    Jade has grown dramatically since its founding in 2006 and outgrew its current manufacturing facility in Zhongshan, which is located just five minutes away from the new location. The first factory, which combined both mold building and plastics processing, will now only manufacture plastic parts.

    “We’re excited about establishing this new mold making facility because it enables us to meet increasing customer demand throughout the world,” said Patrick Smith, president of Jade Group International. “This is an important first step that will unlock key business opportunities and firmly position us for future growth.”

    Jade opened its tooling operation in China in 2006 and later added manufacturing, assembly, and packaging in 2013. The company combines the advantages and convenience of U.S. engineering/production standards and communications with the cost competitiveness, skilled labor supply, and high production capacity of off-shore operations. Jade has salespeople located throughout the U.S. and engineering and project management staff who work remotely in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other locations. “Offshore molds offer lower cost and therefore the ability for our clients to bring more new products to market within the same budget,” said Smith. “Producing more new products equates to a greater chance of success for our clients.”

    Smith notes that the company’s China tooling business emulates U.S. CNC machining processes and is distinguished by reduced mold fit-up (fitting) and significantly reduced lead times. Jade produces molds for press sizes ranging from 20 tons to 2000 tons.

    Jade manufactures a range of plastic parts for various industries including consumer goods, industrial, packaging, and automotive. The company serves as a contract manufacturer for many of its customers, performing injection molding and all related secondary operations, assembly, and packaging.

    In China, Jade employs 35 at its new tooling facility and another 35 at its plastics processing plant. In the U.S., the company employs eight people in sales, customer service, engineering, and project management.
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    About Jade Group International Jade Group International, founded in 2006, is a global company focused on innovation. The company combines the advantages and convenience of U.S. engineering, production standards and communications with the cost competitiveness, skilled labor supply, and high production capacity of off-shore operations. Jade produces high-quality molds and a wide range of plastic parts and components for the consumer goods, industrial, automotive, and packaging markets.
    The company’s mission is to help North American and European injection molding companies compete globally and to re-shore injection molding. Most of Jade’s efforts are focused on re-shoring manufacturing business to North America. The company believes in the 90/10 rule: the overall spend for most plastics programs should have 90% on-shore and only 10% spent off-shore. Offshore molds offer lower cost and therefore the ability for clients to bring more new products to market within the same budget. Producing more new products equates to a greater chance of success for Jade’s clients. For more information, visit

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  • Jade’s 2nd Annual SPE Scholarship
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    Jade Molds is proud to announce the sponsorship of their second annual Society of Plastics Engineers Foundation scholarship.  The Jade scholarship is open to US citizens who are enrolled in plastics education programs, from associates through graduate degrees. More information and applications can be found on the SPE Foundation website.

    Jade would like to congratulate the 2015 scholarship winner, Victor Batarseh.  Victor is pursuing his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Drexel University. He gained valuable experience and further knowledge while working at Arkema, Merck, and GlaxoSmithKline. He has been involved in a wide range of projects – from research and development to finished products.

    “Working both at the beginning and end of line granted me a new perspective on the world of plastics, and let me see what really drives research is consumer demand for new and improved products.”

    A strong trend that Jade has seen in recent years is the passion and emphasis that young people express for developing materials, products, and processes that help improve overall quality of life. Victor is an excellent example of this! At Arkema, he worked on creating new biopolymer-acrylic blends for medical and consumer applications which would make products more renewable. At Merck and GSK he assisted in evaluating the role of plastics in pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing, helping to advance their goals of greater sustainability and reduced waste.  Victor is excited to be participating in the plastics industry during a time of innovation and change.

    “My degrees enable me to improve the lives of others, protect the environment, and move industry forward through sustainable processing and product design.”

    Contact Gene Havel at SPE Foundation to sponsor scholarships for plastics students:

    You can find out more about scholarship opportunities at:

    More about Jade Molds:

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  • How to benefit from the sudden end of rising labor costs in China.
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    JADE builds injection molds in Zhongshan City for our customers in North America. Much has been written recently about China’s rising labor costs and the inflationary pressure on Chinese goods. That story has ended. Here are the facts:

  • The economy is worse than what is reported on the news. Expect to see revised estimates of Chinese growth from 7% to less than 3%.
  • Forget anything you’ve heard about rising wages and hard to find labor. Both large and small shops are closing all over leaving a surplus of workers. Near us, we know of 20 factories, from small to large, that have closed in the last six months. The largest and oldest manufacturer in our area is considering closing its doors. In our 8 years of owning a factory, it’s never been easier to find workers. We used to recruit aggressively to fill a position. Now we have about 20 applicants for each opening.
  • The rules of doing business in China have changed not only rapidly but significantly.

  • The market has gone from a sellers market, where high demand allows sellers to pick their clients, to a buyers market, where buyers can dictate prices, as sellers are eager for work. In the new China normal, buyers can be proactive about negotiation and executives should expect improvements to the bottom line.
  • In our business, prices for molds should are falling dramatically for you the buyer.
  • The RMB drop alone means that buyers should be paying 7% less for tooling – but there’s more.
  • Demand is way down. Mold bases, steel, ejector pins, services & components have all fallen 10% – 20%.
  • All these facts combined mean a savings of 15% – 20% for U.S. Buyers.
  • If you are not seeing these savings, talk with JADE, we can advise you on how to win negotiations with Chinese buy using their negotiations strategies. If you buy injection molds or any other products from China, now is the time to take another look at your business. The bottom line is tool makers and all factories are hungry, and there’s a “new normal” that you should take advantage of to improve your profitability.

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