Terms & Conditions

Jade standard terms and conditions apply. Quotations are valid for 2 weeks unless specified otherwise. Customer Purchase order and deposit required to confirm Sales Order. Standard payment terms are 50% down and 50% prior to shipping. Standard payment method is wire transfer. All prices quoted are in US dollars. Wire transfer information is included on Invoice for payment. A purchase order is not considered confirmed until the customer receives a Sales Order confirmation from Jade.

Molds not completed after 6 months from the PO date will be invoiced in full regardless of payment terms. After 6 months, payment is required in full before making engineering changes or molding parts.

Lead Times:
The lead time quoted for each mold is from the time that mold drawing is approved by customer to cut steel until First Shots. Adjusting a molds after first shots typically takes 2-3 weeks. The standard mold build time is 6-9 weeks from the completion of the mold design to first shots. A 2-5 week expedited time line can be discussed and arranged with your account manager.

Part Design:
Parts may require changes to and/or adding drafts and radii so the parts can be molded per the quote provided. These changes are done in the DFM and mold design stages. These changes are not done in the quoting process.

QC measurements:

JADE will measure and confirm up to 10 critical dimensions per part. Additional requirements, PPAPs etc., will incur additional charges.
First Shots: Each newly assembled mold will be tested on a molding press to run first shots to determine any additional adjustments needed to the mold to make specified parts.  PPAP inspections incur extra charges.


First Articles Report is performed by our QC department to measure molded parts under recorded molding conditions. When FAR is completed and parts are molded in spec. the mold is deemed completed and final payment Invoice will be issued. Dialing in a mold and obtaining good parts for a First Articles Report takes typically 1 to 2 weeks after first shots and depends on complexity of parts being molded.

JADE includes shipping of 2 shots of first shots and 5 shots of FAR parts. Additional sample shipments are the responsibility of the client.

Molding Resin:
JADE will select a standard grade of resin as close as possible to customer’s requirements to test molds. In most cases this solution is suitable. However, JADE can procure most grades of resin in China. In cases that customer needs to test a very specific resin that is not readily available in China then special arrangements should be discussed with your account manager. The client will be given the option of paying for sampling resin that JADE procures or the client can send their own resin to JADE China. It is very important to follow Jade’s instructions for sending materials to China to avoid any unnecessary customs delays and additional expenses.

Mold Specifications:
This quote is based on Jade’s proposed mold materials to be used to make the mold. The more specific details that customer can provide the more accurate that Jade’s mold quote can be. Please ask your account manager for a copy of our Jade Mold Specifications Guideline.
ECNs: Engineering Change Notices to make subsequent changes to molds are subject to additional quoted costs. Cost of changes are payable at the time of confirmation in full 100%.

Quoted mold costs do not include shipping unless specifically noted. If noted, shipping prices are estimates that can change at any time. All shipments are exfactory unless otherwise noted.

Import duties on molds to the USA are currently 28.1%. Import duties will be charged to the customer directly and are not included in quote. Custom holds and the fees associated with them are the responsibility of the client.

Customs Inspections:
Any fees incurred for customs inspections are the responsibility of the customer. Damages to products and molds due to customs inspections are the responsibility of the client.

Post-Sale Support:
Any post-sale repair or adjustments must be pre-authorized by Jade. Jade is not responsible for any costs incurred by the client that have not been pre-authorized in writing by Jade. Credits, not payments, will be issued for repair work. Any and all credits issued are valid for one year after issue.

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