The Tariff Solution

Discover the Solution to the Rising Costs of High-Quality Injection Molds from China... Without Breaking the Law

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Do you already have a smart plan to protect your profits from the President’s 25% tariff hike on injection molds from China? Then you can stop reading now.

However, if you don’t have a plan to ride out this trade war—or the one you have involves a price spike for your customers or a hit in profits for you — then you need to know what savvy US manufacturers are doing to survive this trade war.

First, what these forward-thinking leaders are not doing:

They aren’t re-shoring, because demand exceeds US supply. (This is why US manufacturers imported over $450 million in injection molds from China in 2017.)

And they won’t cut their already thin margins to absorb a 25% cost increase.

The remaining option — passing the burden to customers — guarantees a market backlash and an almost certain interruption to the global supply chain. No, they aren’t doing this, either.

Can I tell you how JADE’s clients are smoothly adjusting to this new 25% tax burden without losing profits, spiking prices, or slowing down production?

JADE Molds is a 12-year-old US company which helps US molders purchase high-quality offshore tooling at a low cost.

We can do this better than just about anyone in the marketplace because of one crucial difference:

JADE Molds, an American-owned US company, also owns a large tooling factory in China.

Every year, we make over 200 high-quality injection molds for US manufacturers.

The factory is overseen by our bilingual American team. Customers interact in English with our Wisconsin-based engineering and project teams, during US working hours, and make payment to US banks.

Besides the cost control that comes with owning the factory, there is another perk to JADE’s unique setup which helps our customers bypass the burden of this new tariff hike.

I’m going to show you how to do it right now.

When you order an injection mold from JADE, you routinely save 15% because we control the costs. We own the factory!

I could stop here, and you’d still be looking at a viable way to ride out this trade war in relative safety. Yet it gets better.

Your purchase order goes to our US headquarters in Wisconsin — not to a Chinese company.

So when JADE imports goods from our Chinese factory to our US headquarters, we pay the tariff on our manufacturing cost, not your purchase price.

And we pass those savings on to you.

This difference makes the import duty seem more like 18% (though we’re still paying the full tariff).

Combine these savings with your initial 15% savings on price, and you are back to paying what you were paying before this trade war started...about 3%.

And we haven’t even talked about complimentary design services from our world-class engineering team.

Outsourcing the design piece of the project could cost you thousands — and we include design as part of the standard price.

Increase your competitive advantage during this tumultuous time by taking advantage of our unique international setup and innovative US engineering team.

And please don’t wait.

While we want to help every single US manufacturer ride out this trade war, the hard truth is we can’t.

Our results earned us a top reputation long before these tariffs hit, and we can only increase our production by about 20% without running into growing pains.

So I’m writing this letter to a select group of manufacturers like you to ask a simple question:

Do you want to be one of those forward-thinking leaders guiding your company confidently through this trade war without becoming a casualty of it?

If so, I invite you to call us now to schedule a free consultation to discover how our US team of engineers can help you get high-quality, affordable injection molds without the steep import tax.

Call now: 844-USE-JADE

Our friendly staff will help you schedule a convenient time to talk about your needs and how we can help you maintain your supply lines, your profitability, and your customer loyalty.

The only thing you risk by calling is a bit of your time.

What you stand to gain is a legal way around these unfair tariffs so you aren’t forced to eat the additional cost or pass on crippling price hike to your customers.

Patrick Smith, CEO
JADE Molds

PS: In just 30 minutes, you’ll discover how to legally, ethically, and quickly get back to business as usual in spite of the trade war.

Give us a call now to schedule a meeting at your convenience: 844-USE-JADE.

You’ll discover how JADE’s unique setup offers you enough savings to offset this new tax burden.

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