3 China Mold Maker Factory Audit Insights

China factory audit

We live in a spreadsheet world, where factory audits around the world rely heavily on ticking boxes. Of course, that statement is too simplistic and there is more to it than that. But I would argue that qualifying a Plastic Mold Maker with a heavy reliance on documentation can pull all of us into a […]

Automotive Injection Molding: Communication is the key for a better mold

automotive injection molding

We all know that effective communication for any Injection Mold Making project is required for project success. When it comes to a typical automotive mold with increased project complexity, communication because much more important. Throw in COVID-19 times with travel restrictions and effective communication becomes perhaps the most critical element needed for a successful mold […]

Coronavirus – A Manufacturing Running Update


Originally posted February 11th, 2020 – Updated February 15th, 2020 February 25th Update A quick Jade Molds update on the manufacturing situation in China. Jade has been back to work for several days. We were given permission by the government to get back into our factory last week. The first couple of days back was […]

Save BIG on China tariffs for injection molds

China Tariff

Quick Tip Before You Read On: Did you know that during high tariff times on injection molds that an existing bond may not be good enough to quickly clear your mold? CBP often want full payment on the 28.1% duty during high tariff times before releasing your mold…even if you or your shipper has a […]

Moldex3D – 3 Big Advantages

Moldex3D advantages

Every injection mold build comes with some challenges that need solutions. The size of those challenges depends on the project and might be tied to the part design itself, the mold makers capabilities, the kind of press the mold will run on, the expectations that production fulfillment is putting on a mold, or a 1000 […]