Thermoplastic Polymers: PPS Resin and 220% China Tariff – What you need to know

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Thermoplastic Polymers: PPS Resin and 220% China Tariff – What you need to know December 9th, 2020 Quick View Summary Depending on the country you are shipping from anti-dumping tariffs between 23.9% to 220.9% are being applied to PPS resin shipments imported into China. PPS thermoplastic polymer shipped from the USA has the highest tariff […]

China Injection Molding Process – Learn with Jade

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The China injection Molding Process affects your Injection Mold build. So, your injection mold that was made by your China mold maker has been shipped to you. You get it out of the crate, clean it up, load it into your press, and run some parts. Result? The parts are terrible, nothing like the test […]

What do the latest tariffs mean for injection mold buyers?

Injection Mold Tooling Advantages

Will the new tariffs affect your mold buying in China? Or any other purchases of material or electronics? Trade wars are hard enough to deal with when you understand what’s at stake. However, if you aren’t quite sure what’s covered… …or for how long… …and what’s a bluff and what’s real… …well, it’s kinda hard […]

What is re-shoring, and how can it help your injection molding business?


Here’s a quick video to explain how re-shoring and selective outsourcing can help your injection molding business gain a competitive advantage in this tight market. Do you want results like these? Then contact us today for a friendly call to discover how selective offshoring can strengthen your competitive advantage.