Jade Molds

DFMPro quickly qualifies your design so
our team can focus on great Engineering

We leverage technology like DFMPro so that our experienced engineers are free to focus on the deeper DFM analyses that is required for great injection mold design. We also use DFMPro on all rapid prototyping projects.

Design For Manufacturing

DFMPro is a fantastic tool that assists our team in qualifying your design really fast. A first pass DFMPro will quickly identify any critical DFM problem areas, giving you or us the opportunity to fix potential downstream problems early on in the design phase of your project. Our goal with using first-in-class software solutions like DFMPro is to speed up your part design validation process via technology which gives our experienced engineers the time needed for a deeper DFM analysis so they can deliver you truly great DFM engineering solutions. Check out below some of the highly valuable data that DFMPro generates.

DFMPro Engineering Services

DFMPro is used on all injection molding projects at Jade and on all rapid prototype projects at Jade which includes CNC machined parts, 3D printed parts, vacuum cast parts, die cast parts, and sheet metal parts. You will love both the insights that DFMPro automatically generates on your part design (a great use of technology), and the deeper dive comments that our team is able to give you in our manual Design For Manufacturing (a great use of experience). For daily insights on injection mold building, rapid prototyping, and how to qualify a China supplier follow us on LinkedInYouTubeFacebook.
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