Jade Molds

You get a USA approach to injection mold making in China by Jade (a USA company)

What do you get when you work with Jade Molds?

We understand the market forces & pricing you need

You Get: A Fantastic Globally Competitive Price

• A great mold price to help you win/launch more projects
• Significant tariff savings on molds that others cannot offer
• You get added value with massive engineering support
• Plus you get Moldex3D MFA included on all projects

As a USA company who make molds in China we can deliver you a great price...plus better manufacturing experience.

Custom project management with a USA approach

You Get: Tight Project Management

• Custom PM system for injection mold making in China
• Every step of your mold design and build is highly tracked
• Easy use system let's our team focus on engineering & QC
• Auto email alerts to team Jade at all critical project phases

Our PM system handles all internal communication, this is better for document management and project instructions.

Massive engineering support + Moldex3D included

You Get: Massive Engineering Support

• An enhanced DFM to highly qualify your part design
• Moldex3D Level 3 MFA for a higher level of qualification
• Experienced USA engineering + Jade China & Jade India
• Resulting in a China built mold, designed to USA standards

Automatic email reminders from our custom PM system help to keep the engineering phase of your project on track.

Custom QC App & reports (including mold tear down)

You Get: Great Reports On Mold Build & Trials

• Our easy to use QC App works in online or offline modes
• Better data capture leads to quicker mold issue resolution
• Reports are auto generated & sent for our team to review
• You receive all reports, plus fix recommendations (if any)

Our custom QC App is fully integrated with our PM system to deliver a high tech approach to injection mold QC.

Helping USA Injection Molders and Entrepreneurs Launch Projects and Compete Globally

Injection Molders – When you bid on injection molding production jobs, the part price you quote is being compared to pricing in your home country, China, and likely other countries. Like it or not, that is our global reality. If your injection mold making price is too high then your part price is too high and you lose out on a lot of part production jobs. We will help you win more production jobs by making great Western quality molds delivered to you at the globally competitive China price points you need to beat your competition and win more part production jobs. Our molds will work well and at speed in your presses.

Product Developers and Entrepreneurs  You are typically not going to bring an injection mold back to your home country because you don’t own injection mold presses. What does X part cost and does that part price make your project competitive? That is your main concern plus the need of finding an injection molding supplier who can give you part quality consistency from one production run to another. We have the turnkey injection molding part production services your project needs to succeed in the market.

Patrick Smith founded JADE Group International LLC (JADE Molds) to help Western mold makers compete with and beat China on injection mold production jobs.

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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