Jade Molds

A USA approach, by a USA company, to offshore injection mold making

As a USA company we understand your project needs

We offer you offshore mold making advantages others can't match

Prices That Keep You Globally Competitive

Mold price is a huge factor in you being able to win part production jobs or launch product successfully. We not only help you with a great mold price, but also offer unique bonus savings like massive engineering support and tariff savings via our DDP shipping option. Plus a USA approach to offshore injection mold making. Advantages that other offshore injection molders simply cannot offer you.

USA QC approach delivered via our custom QC app

Easy data capture leads to fast issue resolution and on-time projects

You need molds that run fast.

There are standard mold inspection check lists and then there is advanced mold inspection and verification where the mold maker and mold inspector trials your mold using the right process parameters to match how you will run your mold at your facility. Our Western teams get your production goals and deliver mold solutions to match.

Massive engineering support + Moldex3D included

USA led engineering supported by China offices

You Get Massive Engineering Support

We know that projects can get delayed for many reasons that are out of your control. But with Jade Molds those delays don't mean we can't help you out by starting the engineering portion of your project early. By starting your DFM (with Moldex3D included) even if you have not issued us a P.O., our engineering resources in the USA and China can help keep your project on track and on-time.

USA hands-on approach to offshore mold making

Delivered via our custom online project management system

We get our hands dirty for you.

Any offshore supplier can give you a great price but without the hard work of hands-on micromanaging and effectively communicating the progress of your project you won't get the quality and fit for purpose end results you need. Our QC philosophy includes Western teams in China who hands-on micromanage your project at our factory to ensure success.

Helping USA Injection Molders and Entrepreneurs Launch Projects and Compete Globally

Injection Molders – When you bid on injection molding production jobs, the part price you quote is being compared to pricing in your home country, China, and likely other countries. Like it or not, that is our global reality. If your injection mold making price is too high then your part price is too high and you lose out on a lot of part production jobs. We will help you win more production jobs by making great Western quality molds delivered to you at the globally competitive China price points you need to beat your competition and win more part production jobs. Our molds will work well and at speed in your presses.

Product Developers and Entrepreneurs  You are typically not going to bring an injection mold back to your home country because you don’t own injection mold presses. What does X part cost and does that part price make your project competitive? That is your main concern plus the need of finding an injection molding supplier who can give you part quality consistency from one production run to another. We have the turnkey injection molding part production services your project needs to succeed in the market.

Patrick Smith founded JADE Group International LLC (JADE Molds) to help Western mold makers compete with and beat China on injection mold production jobs.

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