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Offshore Mold Making Insights

When you work with Jade Molds we can help you legally save up to 50% OFF your injection mold tariffs and your parts tariffs. For USA bound injection molds and parts. Get in touch to discuss your upcoming injection molding project. 

For a headache free mold building experience, talk to our western team living in China today – [email protected]

Injection mold steel is hard and can take a pounding. But the project that delivers a great offshore made injection mold is fragile and can easily break if you don’t partner with the right injection mold maker.

Our Western mold makers fix problems in China so that Jade made injection molds work straight out of the shipping crate. 

For a headache free mold building experience talk to our Western team living in China today – [email protected]

Reshore more Injection Molding Production runs with our help. If you are a Western Injection Molder you are competing with injection mold makers around the world. Like it or not, that is the reality. We help Western Injection Molders compete globally and beat China on Injection Molding part price. 

Get insights into how Jade works and how there is a better way forward for offshore Injection Mold Making Solutions and Injection with Jade Molds. Our goal is to help Western companies with their injection mold needs, delivering them Western quality at China level pricing. 

If you have a unique application like Pet Treats our team has the experience to deliver on your needs. 

Our high capacity, high cavitation molds for dog treats are typically 50% cheaper than USA built Injection Molds and will still meet your needs with feature sets.

Stack molds are great for increasing injection molding output. Getting the temperatures right through great design for running water lines is a big part of making a successful stack injection mold. 

Get in touch with Jade Molds to learn how we can help you with your offshore injection mold-making needs.

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