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Injection mold tooling advantages you get:

Our injection mold pricing will help you win more injection mold part production projects.

The single biggest factor that prevents injection mold makers from winning more injection molded part production jobs is part price and the single biggest factor in determining part price is the cost of the injection mold tool. We will not only deliver you a great injection mold tooling price but also a USA approach (Enhanced DFM, Mold Design, Project Management, Injection Mold Making, Quality Control, Communication) to offshore injection mold making. 

With communication always in native English we are able to a smooth offshore injection mold making experience and offer an advantage when it comes to ECN requests. The results are injection molds that run great in your presses back home and meet your highly specific injection molding production goals. How can we help you? Get in touch.

BONUS: Unique savings of up to 50% OFF your USA plastic injection mold & part tariffs.

Some of the offshore custom injection mold tooling services we offer:

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High Production injection Molds: When you need high volume production parts this is the injection mold tooling solution for you. With a variety of hardened steels to choose from and cycle times in the hundreds of thousands we can deliver you a robust injection mold that is fit-for-purpose and will match your highly specific production goal needs. High-volume plastic injection molding can deliver high precision tolerance with a minimal amount of scrap, plus you won’t find a better cost per part option anywhere in manufacturing world for plastic parts. If you need higher volumes of production parts this could be your solution. Talk to our team.
Medical Injection Molds: One of the KEY challenges with offshore medical injection molding is ensuring that the resin used to test your injection mold and the resin used for production parts is indeed the correct resin from an authorized resin supplier. This is doubly important when it comes to injection molds used to create medical devices that often require highly specialized medical grade plastics, that meet FDA regulations. We only buy resin directly from Western resin suppliers authorized distributor in China and never from third party resin markets to match your project needs. Talk to our team.
Family injection Molds: A great option to consider when you have different, yet similarly sized parts, with similar wall thicknesses is family injection molding. Why build 5 injection molds when you can build a single mold that can produce a family of 5 parts? A good option for prototype rapid tooling or medium volume production fulfillment. Family molds may not be the best choice for high volume production but they are widely used for a variety of retail and industrial products. When talking to your injection mold maker be sure to ask if they feel a family mold can be a good option for your part designs. Talk to our team.
Stack Molds:  With a series of molding faces “stacked” together that create multiple levels for injection mold part production, stack molding is a great option to consider to increase your production capacity. We can make 2, 3, and 4 level stack molds at our offshore injection mold making facility. Our team of USA engineers help to ensure your stack mold will work well in your facility. But stack molds are not for all projects. Not all injection molders can run stack molds as they may not have the specialized injection mold press requirements or expertise. If you have a part design that has a large surface area and you need to increase production output then stack molds might be the option for you. Talk to our team.

Injection Mold Bases: What are your options for building Injection Mold Bases? Buy blanks from mold base suppliers and build your mold base in-house (inefficient and a bit expensive). Buy completely machined custom injection mold bases from domestic mold base suppliers (efficient and expensive). Or buy completely machined custom injection mold bases from offshore mold base suppliers (efficient and inexpensive).

Why do you have your highly skilled mold builders making your mold bases in house when you can buy off shelf at a great price that keeps you globally competitive? Talk to our team.

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