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China Tariff

Quick Tip Before You Read On: Did you know that during high tariff times on injection molds that an existing bond may not be good enough to quickly clear your mold? CBP often want full payment on the 28.1% duty during high tariff times before releasing your mold…even if you or your shipper has a bond. At Jade, our DDP shipping is set up with CBP for direct withdrawal of the full tariffs from our bank account to ensure your mold is not delayed.

Let’s start with the bottom line. During high China tariffs times you will get big savings by using Jade to build your injection molds. Our DDP shipping option LEGALLY delivers you Western quality offshore molds at substantial price reductions compared to other China mold makers. Keep your projects moving forward during high tariff times, start realizing big injection mold savings today with Jade. [email protected] to start a quick project review today.

How do we offer substantial LEGAL China tariff savings?

As a USA based company, who also own our own injection mold building facility in China, Jade offers distinct pricing advantages over other China mold makers during high China tariffs times. Our DDP shipping and engineering capabilities put us in a unique position to offer highly competitive and attractive China level pricing even during 28.1% China tariff times.

Engineering – The engineering portion of an injection mold build with a typical China supplier is taxable (despite what other China injection mold builders may tell you). Creating multiple invoices for engineering services, mold builds, consulting, etc., is an ILLEGAL maneuver that will cause you import problems.

At Jade, the engineering portion of your injection mold build is carried out by our USA based engineers. With Jade, the engineering portion of your injection mold build is not taxable because the engineering portion is performed outside of China by our Jade USA operation. This is a LEGAL China tariffs saving to you.

DDP Shipping (Delivery Duty Paid) – If you ship with Jade, like 99% of our customers do, you can take advantage of our DDP tariff savings. Which is up to 50% of the total tariff that you must pay when buying an injection mold directly from China.

You place your order with Jade Group International (USA), who deal with Jade Molds (China) directly. Jade Group International (USA) is the importer of record.

As the importer of record, Jade Group International (USA) does the shipping paperwork (less work for you) and Jade Group International (USA) pays the duty. What you get is a mold at a fantastic price, that will work well right out of the shipping crate, with no shipping delays. We do the work, you save the money.

Tariff Pricing Case Study – Let’s take a look at a recent RFQ pricing case study to clarify the issue further. The competitor quotes in this case study were provided to us by one of our customer’s after we won the job. The customer quoted a USA mold builder, a Shenzhen based mold builder, and Jade Molds. (Note: this project was originally quoted at a 3.1% tariff and the representation below has been adjusted to reflect the current China tariff of 28.1% on injection molds.

* Quote without shipping & tariff

** Your final cost with shipping & tariff

*** Your final reduced cost with Jade Molds LEGAL DDP shipping/import program which equals substantial tariff savings

+ Full Moldex3D Level 3 including filling, packing, cooling & warpage

++ USA based engineering followed up by Westerners living in China

With our DDP shipping we can significantly reduce the price implications of high tariffs through LEGAL mechanisms. To a point where your projects can continue to move forward with remarkable offshore price savings. Western mold builders in China, that is part of the Jade way. The ability to save you money during high tariff times? As a USA based company that is also part of the Jade way 🙂

Talk to a Western Jade Molds team member today to learn more about how we can offer you significant savings during high China tariff times. Let us run the numbers so you can see for yourself. Start a project consult or RFQ at [email protected].

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Jade Group International is an American company who owns and operates an injection molding factory (Jade Molds) in Zhongshan, China (close to Shenzhen). Westerners living in China making injection molds, running injection molding production, and delivering on low to mid volume CNC machined plastic and metal parts. Western quality at China level pricing. Try the Jade way of manufacturing in China today [email protected].

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