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Our globally competitive pricing helps you to compete with China, win more jobs, and grow your business.

View Sample Gantt Chart: Our custom blueprint driven PM system let’s us know (at a glance) the exact status of any project or task, including what’s due, on-time, or late. Auto email alerts and daily PM reviews keep your projects on track.

Tasks can start earlier or later than what is shown here. When this happens dependencies shift other tasks accordingly. 

View Sample DFM: We start off your injection mold project with a thorough review of your part design and come back to you with any potential issues are hard issues that we find.

As long as there are no major issues we start your mold design right away and work on both the DFM and Mold Design with you concurrently.

View Sample Moldex3D Level 3 Summary: Moldex3D is a great mold flow analysis tool that assists our engineering team in identifying future hard to know issues very early on, so we can fix early and mitigate potential future risk.

A FULL Moldex3D analysis report is a massive amount of data so our team reviews that data and places the most relevant data into a summary document that is easy to review, understand, and action on. 

BONUS: Unique tariff savings of up to 50% OFF your USA bound plastic injection molds.

View Sample Full Moldex3D Report: This is a massively detailed report. Our engineers setup the parameters (no easy task) so that the report Moldex3D generated is a highly accurate future prediction of your mold flow.

For many part designs, this full report from Moldex3D is not required and can be a bit confusing. So our team creates a Moldex3D Level 3 summary report on the KEY issues. 

View Sample Moldex3D Level 2 Summary: Similar to a Moldex3D Level 3 mold flow analysis without packing, cooling, and warpage.

View Sample Moldex3D Level 3 Summary: Moldex3D is a great mold flow analysis tool that assists our engineering team in identifying future hard to know issues.

A great summary of the FULL Moldex3D report that includes: fill, pack, cooling, and warpage mold flow analysis. The most relevant data in summary form that is easy to review, understand, and action on. 

Moldex3D helps us to highly qualify your part design and our injection mold design.

Quality Control via Custom PM System + Custom QC App

• Our custom project management system accurately tracks the status/progress of your project
• Automatic email reminders to customers when engineering feedback is late or stalled
• Clear & quick internal communication with automatic email reminders to Jade team members
• Our QC App delivers easy factory data capture, resulting in fast issue follow up and resolution
• QC reports from the App are automatically emailed to our team or customers as appropriate
• Trial Reports + Incoming & Final Steel Hardness Certs + T1 & Final Mold Tear Down Reports

View Our Custom Injection Mold Quality Control Reports

View Sample Report: we only create this report when needed. Very often after T1, but might not be needed after T2.

View Sample Report: we check incoming hardness against the approved DFM and send to you.

View Sample Report: this is a simple double check to ensure steel hardness before your mold ships

View Sample Report: if your mold is a hot runner we perform a design check at engineering phase and a physical check once hot runner arrives. There are also several other hot runner QC checks in our other QC forms.

View Sample Report: we completely tear down your mold to identify any and all issues. If issues we still send you the report and work on fixing any issue quickly in preparation for you approving mold shipment.

View Sample Report: a Final QC check to make sure the mold is fit for shipping.
View Sample Report: Done on shipping day as a final double check to make sure the mold is packed correctly and to ensure any extra components or spare parts you ordered also get shipped.
View Sample Report: We update you when your mold is picked up and follow up with further updates when tracking available.

How can we help you?

By leveraging custom digital quality control and project management solutions our engineering and factory teams can focus more on the details of your project. Resulting in a better injection mold to you.

A USA Approach to China Injection Mold Making…Plus

Great Pricing Keeps you Globally Competitive

Massive Engineering Support

USA Engineering & Project Meetings in USA Time Zone

Mold Designs to USA Standards

Experience: Making Molds Since 2006

Quality Control via Custom QC App &Custom PM System

Trust : Jade Molds Is A USA Company Who Make Molds in China

Automatic Project Reminders, Updates & QC Reports

Signification Tariff Savings via Our DDP Shipping Option

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“I have had Jade make about 80 molds for us now and we are very happy with what we are getting, and it is winning us work. I am beyond swamped with orders.”
Scott Covington
Scott Covington
VP, Covington Plastic Molding