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Custom Injection Mold Base
solutions at incredible price points

Why are your skilled mold builders spending time fabricating mold bases? Keep your skilled team focused on skilled injection mold building tasks. Try our complete mold base solutions and stay globally competitive.

Custom Injection Mold Bases

What are your options for building mold bases ?

1. Buy blanks from domestic Mold Base Suppliers and build your mold base in-house (inefficient and expensive).

2. Buy completely machined mold bases from domestic mold base suppliers (efficient and expensive).

3. Buy completely machined mold bases from Offshore Mold Base Suppliers (efficient and inexpensive).

We are obviously biased towards option 3 but it is also the option that makes the most sense. Your skilled in-house mold building team should be focused on skilled work and not basic machining tasks. That is an inefficient use of your skilled workers time and a recipe for an injection mold price that is too high, a price that will put you at a competitive disadvantage. Try our complete mold base solutions that will keep you competitive so you can win more orders.

From standard A series mold bases to complicated custom injection mold bases and everything in-between, we offer imperial and metric mold base solutions that will be delivered to your exacting specification so that your team can focus on highly skilled mold building work. Examples of custom and complete mold base solutions we offer include: A-Series, B-Series, X-Series, AX-Series, and T-Series. For daily insights on injection mold building and how to qualify a China supplier follow us on LinkedInYouTubeFacebook.

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