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Plastic Parts Manufacturing: Low - High Volumes

Turnkey custom plastic injection molding services. Get parts fast.

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Injection Mold Making Services

Here are 3 popular scenarios we deliver on for our customers when it comes to injection molded parts:

Export Injection Molds (bridge part production) – we are making an injection mold for you and shipping that mold to your facility so that you can do your own injection mold part production. But, you also need X amount of production parts shipped with your mold to help you get started. This is often referred to as ‘bridge’ production.

Rapid Tooling (low volume part production) – we are making a mold for you fast so you can get X amount of production quality injection molded parts fast. We can store your rapid tool at our factory (so that it is ready for your next order), or ship your rapid tool to you with your parts. This is often referred to as rapid injection molding or rapid tooling or bridge production or prototype tooling.

Production Molds (medium to high volume part production) – we are making a mold for you, making the parts for you, and storing your mold at our facility. A complete turnkey injection molding solution.

We make Injection Molded Parts using two-plate molds, three plate molds, stack molds, family molds, overmolds, insert molds, rapid tooling molds, and more. We have 29 in-house injection molding presses from 50 T to 1100 T that gives us the capacity to service a wide range of injection mold production projects. If you need some guidance on what injection molding program is right for your project then Get in touch.

Quality Injection Molded Parts - Pricing That Works

We take a Western approach to quality control and manufacturing in everything we do at our offshore injection molding facility. For example, if you use us for bridge production (before we ship you an injection mold), you will be able to easily replicate our part quality at your facility. If your injection molded parts needs are low volume, then we can create a rapid tooling program for you with a great ROI. If your needs are high volume production parts we will deliver you a turnkey injection molding solution for you where we make the mold, make the parts, and store your mold for you.

Great Injection Mold Pricing and Great Injection Molded Part pricing that keeps your project globally competitive. How can we help? Get in touch.

We make offshore mold making easy, deliver a great price, and put quality first...so you can beat your competition.

Injection Molded Parts
Plastic Polymer Granules
Injection Molded parts

Injection Molding Materials

Choosing the right material for your part is vitally important to the overall success of your project.
Choose a material that is over engineered for your needs, and part costs may hurt you.
On the other hand, choosing the wrong material because it is cheap can also hurt your project goals and part performance.

Our Western engineering teams living in China and the USA can help guide you through the material selection process. Plus, with Jade we can guarantee that the material we bring into our facility is authentic. No fake resins with Jade.

Surface Finishing & Secondary Processes

We make molds for export and domestic production runs for just about every industry.
With that comes the need to be able to apply a wide range of surface finishes.

From a low cosmetic finish to a high mirror polish to bead blast, etching, matte finish, whatever your project requirements, we have the experience and expertise to deliver on your needs.

If your injection molded part requires a secondary finishing process like pad printing, silk-screening, assembly or other requirement we can deliver on your needs. Complete injection molding production solutions backed with USA and Western experience is what we offer in China.

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