Jade Molds

Injection molds for pet treats delivering
high cavitation and high capacity output

We make injection molds for pet treats that can handle around the clock production. Western quality high cavitation molds at China level pricing that are designed for your specific cycle times and production needs.

Whether your project is dental dog treats or plastic dog toys our team of Westerners will design a mold that fits your highly specific project goals.

Pet Treats

Pet Treat Mold
Pet Treat Molds

As Westerners who make molds for customers with high production capacity needs, we fully understand the consequences of down time and how the knock on effects can be devastating to you and your retail channels. Our Western process for offshore mold building includes a lot of up front work to qualify your part design and our mold designs with an engineering assist from Moldex3D. We take a measured approach on the front end with our USA based engineering team who highly qualify everything before we even think of cutting injection mold steel. The results on the back-end are molds that run well and at speed in your presses at your factory.

If you have a final design for your dog treat and just need a mold built, that’s great, we can help with that. If you need some prototype work done to qualify your existing design, we can help with that. If you are at the concept phase of your dog treat design and need some engineering design work done, we can help with that also.

Our high capacity, high cavitation molds for dog treats are typically 50% cheaper than USA built injection molds and will still meet your needs with feature sets such as:

    1. Stainless steel A and B plates
    2. Diffusion bonded hot runner system, superior to brazed for cleanliness
    3. Full stainless steel manifold. Superior to brazed P20 steel manifolds
    4. Low waste, full individual valve gates
    5. Up to 96 cavities, high productivity
    6. Complex designs with side actions are no problem
    7. Mold trials in a range of standard treat formulations
    8. Plus our Western team of native English speakers living in China take a hands-on approach to managing all mold builds


Talk to our team today to start your mold build project review – [email protected]

2 Key China Mold Making Issues Jade Solves

Problems with Hot runners – A detailed QC check list is required for hot runners. You need to do the same checks each time, it is not that hard but it is tedious work that requires extensive knowledge and a robust QC system. Hot runners are not a mystery to us, at Jade we work and have worked with every brand. We have the experience, expertise, and QC systems in place to make sure your hot runners will not end up being a mess. Plus we have great mold designs that allow you to maintain your hot runners with ease. 

Mold trial issue – The mold trial is everything. It is the proof of the entire project and when we trial molds correctly then it is generally the end of the project for us (because you won’t have problems after we ship the mold). We trial molds at temp, we run enough parts to know if the mold has a problem, we trial molds using the injection molding process parameters that you will run at your facility back home, parameters that we have all agreed upon ahead of time and parameters that Moldex3D has helped us optimize. At the mold trial stage we test hard because we want to know if there are problems and we want to fix those problems before we ship you the mold.

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