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Automotive Injection Molding Solutions
for Production and Rapid Prototypes

As Westerners, we fully understand how your automotive injection molding tool
making schedule directly affects your vehicle launch programs. We can help you
launch on time.

At our ISO and IATF accredited China factories our Western mold making
methodology paired with our Western managers living in China ensures that
your mold meets spec, trials well, ships on time, and works well in your press.

Automotive Injection Molding

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Some North American and European customers come to us for Rapid tooling needs, some for production molds, and some for both. All mold projects with Jade start in the USA with our injection mold engineering team focused on early Moldex3D analyses. We partner both technologies, as standard, with each mold we build. When Moldex3D is leveraged correctly it is like doing first shots right on the screen, which is a tremendous time saver and budget saver for our automotive injection mold customers.

We find design improvements in about 80% of the projects we set up for our customers and Moldex3D gives us the optimal process setting for production. This helps our customers in verifying that their production goals are achievable before we even consider cutting steel.

Interior automotive mold capabilities include: dashboard, glove compartment, air ducts, center console, door handles and door elements, window controls and pillars, steering column trim and elements, etc…

Our exterior Automotive Mold Maker capabilities include: grilles and bumpers, trunk elements and trim, car door trim and door panels, fenders, wheel arches, floor rails, etc…

Automotive Mold Makers

Automotive Injection Molded Part
Automotive Injection Molded Parts

Finding the right Automotive mold building partner in China can be a challenge. Some typical issues that our automotive customers have had in the past with other China suppliers include: communication, general QC, hot runner problems, material problems, mold trial problems, and most importantly the mold does not function as intended after the customer has received it in their home country. At times these problems can overlap so let’s take a look at how Jade deals with each of these typical China mold building problems.

Communicating with a China Mold maker – Jade molds is based in the USA and China so we understand language differences and cultural differences. We are Western owned and Western run. For early mold flow analyses you will deal with our USA engineering team first. For the actual mold build we have Western team members living and working in China at our mold making facilities who speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. With Jade you will never be put in a position where your point of contact is a China team member with questionable English skills.

Overall QC/QA concerns – QC with many China suppliers can be all over the map. If you happen to be working with a supplier who gives you decent quality great. But that quality is often tied to a singular QC guy who is good and if he leaves there is no robust QC system in place to compensate for that persons departure.

Our Western philosophy, implemented by Westerners living and working in China is all about adhering to established standardized Western design, engineering, QC, and production protocols. Plus we are flexible to your QC needs and can adapt to any specific QC request you may have because we don’t have communication issues.

Problems with hot runners – A detailed QC check list is required for hot runners. You need to do the same checks each time, it is not that hard but it is tedious work that requires extensive knowledge and a robust QC system. Hot runners are not a mystery to us, at Jade we work and have worked with every brand. We have the experience, expertise and QC systems in place to make sure your hot runners will not end up being a mess. Plus we have great mold designs that allow you to maintain your hot runners with ease. Check out a Jade video on hot runners here.

Automotive Injection Mold Makers

Fake material issues – When it comes to export molds and mold trials, the automotive test parts you receive simply have to be from 100% certified material. Schedules are too tight for fake material to delay your part testing and verification process. Any material you want, we can get for you right from the official supplier for that material in China. We simply don’t cheat on materials, you don’t have the time for that and neither do we. We make molds for a wide variety of industries so we have a pretty deep knowledge on materials and we pro-actively work with our customers to help them with an alternative material choice if it helps pricing without compromising on part performance requirements.

Mold trial issue – This is a big problem for a typical China mold maker as they just don’t run their injection molding presses the same way you do in the West. Plus they don’t see any problem with cutting corners at this stage of the mold build. They treat it as a bit of a nuisance exercise where they just need to produce test parts that are good enough so you say “yes, ship the mold”.

We don’t think that way at Jade. The mold trial is everything. It is the proof of the entire project and when we trial molds correctly then it is generally the end of the project for us (because you won’t have problems after we ship the mold). We trial molds at temp, we run enough parts to know if the mold has a problem, we trial molds using the injection molding process parameters that you will run at your facility back home, parameters that we have all agreed upon ahead of time and parameters that Moldex3D has helped us optimize. At the mold trial stage we test hard because we want to know if there are problems and we want to fix those problems before we ship you the mold.

Molds not working well in your Injection mold press – This is the killer for injection mold production job. When a mold is not fixed at the mold maker it causes massive down time issues which cost you money, and it also costs you money to fix the mold in your home country. There are so many reasons why this may be, all discussed above. But quite often it comes down to a disconnect between the test parts you received from your China mold maker and how you cannot re-produce those results on your press. The China injection mold process DOES NOT equal the standard Western injection mold process. This is a big topic, learn more by watching this video series here.

The bottom line is that we run everything using Western methodology at our facilities in China. We partner in-house Western expertise, experience, and technology to gain efficiencies in our mold making process so that we can offer you Western quality molds at China level pricing. Our entire system is set up so that you receive your mold, you take it out of the crate, you put it in your press and it runs without issue. That is our 100% goal. That said we do have partners in North America and Europe who can help to troubleshoot a mold if there are any issues.

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