Jade Molds

A lot more Injection Mold engineering
support than you are used to getting

Massive engineering support paired with Moldex3D to highly qualifies your injection molding part design and our injection mold design.

Injection Mold Designing

Moldex3D Engineering


Moldex3D delivers fantastic injection moldflow simulations. These highly accurate simulations are like taking a time machine to your future mold trial. Moldex3D assists our engineers in identifying potential future issues now so they can fix now. Significantly mitigating future project risk. Learn more...

Pet Treat Molds

Interesting Applications

When it comes to highly specialized mold making, like pet treats, our team of engineers has the experience and expertise required to deliver you a great high cavitation injection mold that will be easily meet your high production needs. At price points that help you grow your business. Learn more…

Hot Runner Injection Mold

Mold Bases

As an injection molder you make money on the parts. If you make molds then custom injection mold bases are part of your process. But why have your skilled mold makers time spent making mold bases? Keep your highly skilled team on skilled tasks. Try our custom mold base solutions. Learn more…

Injection Mold

Injection Mold Design

Whether you need Jade to build you an offshore injection mold, or you just need help qualifying your current part design and/or current injection mold design, our engineering teams will deliver you a highly detailed DMF part design report and/or injection mold design analysis. Learn More…

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