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🎵 ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. 🎵 If you have been doing business in China over the years you will know this song well. Air travel has been a standard part of executing business successfully in China, often with flight back dates from visiting China injection molding companies (or any China supplier) getting pushed back by days or weeks because of issues on the ground in China that need solving beyond the originally scheduled trip time-frame.

Flights to China to qualify suppliers. Flights to source existing product. Flights to QC production runs for a myriad of product. And more pertinent to the majority of people reading this blog, flights to China to inspect injection molds and witness injection mold trials before the all clear can be given to ship your offshore injection mold back to your home country.

With the current COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus situation, freedom and choice of air travel has been compromised, plus many Western companies are not willing to take on the liability risk of sending employees to China in the coming weeks and months ahead. But, as the saying goes, “the show must go on”, and we are all in the midst of learning how to strike a balance between the imperative need of keeping employees safe while trying to keep business levels as close to normal as possible. Which, in many cases, requires maintaining the pricing levels that China injection molding companies offer to your business model.

While Jade may not be able to help all companies who do business in China, we are well positioned to help injection molding companies in the West and any Western based company who needs injection molding services by delivering Western quality molds, at China level pricing, without you having to travel to China to ensure quality. Our Western mold building methodology uses i) up front Western engineering (including DFMPro and Moldex3D) and detailed English communication project reviews with your team before we ever think of cutting steel, and ii) English communication and hands-on Western management continuing throughout the mold build, mold QC, and mold trial phase of your project in China. All carried out by KEY Western personnel in our Western owned China factory.

Our Western mold building team lives in China and they are on the ground in China right now at our factory. Having Westerners on the ground to hands-on manage and participate in every aspect of any injection mold build or injection molding production project is a big part of the Jade way of delivering you a Western quality mold at China level pricing.

You don’t have to worry about traveling to China. You don’t have to worry about communication issues. You don’t have to be in China to confirm your mold is built to spec and can produce as desired before you green light shipping. All because Jade’s Western team, working in our factory, will qualify and communicate effectively with you at each stage of your project. This what we do as part of our standard operating procedures. Coronavirus or no Coronavirus, this is what we do. At Jade, we have got your back in China.

If you are looking for a transparent Western approach to manufacturing in China then talk to our team today at [email protected]. Try the way today.

Gary Moran

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About Jade:

Jade Group International (Jade Molds), focuses on manufacturing and delivering Western quality injection molds (tooling) at China level pricing so that Western injection molders can compete with and win injection mold production jobs over their China competitors. How? Western methodology and efficiencies which starts with Western engineers using first-in-class tools like DFMPro and Moldex3D to fully qualify each part and mold design before projects are passed over to Western engineers and mold builders living in China. Our hands-on approach in Jade’s Western owned China factory includes Westerners building molds, Westerners who QC molds, and Westerners who trial each mold. 100% goal is to deliver great molds that will run well and at speed in your factory back home, right out of the shipping crate. All at China level pricing. Plus, native English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Chinese communication with Jade at every stage of your project. Try the Jade way today – [email protected]