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China Tariffs

By the time your read this blog on China tariffs things may already have changed. Such is the nature of a trade war, there is no certainty. It is hard to know from one day to another what exactly is going to happen.

What remains constant and certain is that if you are making parts and products out of metal and plastic then Jade can help you save up to half on the current 15% – 30% China tariffs when shipping product to the USA. Don’t let China tariff uncertainty get in your way. Take control and work with Jade.

So how does Jade save you on China tariffs? The legal way through our DDP services. Check out the video below to learn how we can save you up to half on your current China tariffs and the pitfalls to avoid surrounding tariffs. The video is a few months old but remains relevant to today.

Contact our team today to start saving on plastic and metal parts.

Jade Molds is an American company who owns and operates an injection molding factory and a CNC machining factory in Zhongshan, China (close to Shenzhen). Westerners living in China making injection molds, running injection molding production, and delivering on CNC machined plastic and metal parts (prototype and production). Western quality at China level pricing. Try the Jade way of manufacturing in China today¬†[email protected].

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