• Innovation

    New ideas create better, faster, and lower-cost products & services. A few of our innovations to benefit you are:

    • Improving speed and reducing costs through automated workflows

    • Making it faster and easier to purchase hot stamps and cooling fixtures online

    • Going beyond basic molds

  • Molding Expertise

    We go well beyond basic molds. JADE provides injection molds for:

    • Scientific Molding
    • Big Molds and Fast Molds
    • Cap and Closure
    • Connector/Cable
    • Prototype/Pilot production
    • L.S.R. and Thermosets
    • All Molds Fully Sampled

  • Global Expertise

    JADE would like to introduce you to a unique business model that enables you to win more business and increase your profits.

    • Cost savings with USA quality standards

    • U.S. customer service, banking, and on-site management

    • Save time, money, and receive premium quality tools that run faster and longer

    Capitalize on Jade's insider knowledge and established relationships to procure high quality resins locally at excellent prices. Jade exists to help you succeed.

  • News

    • Jade Adds Two New Rep Groups

    • Jade Expands China Operations

    • Jade's Announces 2nd Annual SPE Scholarship

    • How to benefit from the end of rising labor costs in China

    • Jade Supports Plastics Education

    • How will China's slowdown affect U.S. Molding?

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