• ”Black Boxing”

    You shouldn't have to be the expert in offshore mold building. That's our responsibility.

    • The steel

    • The certs

    • The resins

    • Mold testing

    • Plus many more...

    Our goal is to "Black Box" these for you so that you don't have to worry about them.

    See How We Do It

  • Convenience

    Small things can become big things when you add them up.

    • An all English speaking team

    • Teleconferences during your business hours

    • U.S. customer service

    • U.S. engineering

    • U.S. banking

    • U.S. account management

  • Molding Expertise

    We go well beyond basic molds. JADE provides injection molds for:

    • Scientific Molding

    • Molds for big presses

    • Caps and Closures

    • Connectors/Cables

    • Fast Prototypes/Pilot production

    • L.S.R. and Thermosets

  • News

    • How will China's slowdown affect U.S. Molding?

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